Proper Insulation

Buildings lose cooling  through various ways. An estimated 25% of cooling  can be lost through the roof. If there is gaps and there is no proper  insulation on the roof and it  will increase the loosing of cool from the room or from the building. If there are gaps in your insulation or it is old and has been damaged by roof leaks or other external factors it also will cause the loosing of cool . And  If the insulation o n walls is not up to standard a vast amount of cooling  can be lost through the wall cavity.

Windows are also a major factor in reducing heat from outside and increase the cooling in the building.  It is important to consider double glazing or window film in these instances as well as repairing or installing new caulk if needed. Gaps around doors and windows can be filled with draught excluding tapes and brushes where appropriate, our engineers will be able to advise which option is the best for your needs.

Closing up holes in walls is also important, not only to reduce heat from outside  but to also keep sufficient cooling inside the room . While it is not advisable to cover ventilation holes, they can be protected with metal grates to allow air to circulate but keep pests out.

Our engineers at Ibn Alharthy Trading Building Maintenance Company are happy to advise and undertake any of these jobs.


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