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Vacation Villa Rental Demand Is Rising Due To COVID-19

Luxury villa rental provider Villas of Distinction reports that it’s seeing increased demand among travel consumers for U.S. domestic villas as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Other trends the company has observed include an uptick in long-term rentals and a shift in booking-to-travel timeframes. But, Villas of Distinction says that increased interest in domestic…Read More→

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Covid 19 and Building Maintenance Services

Now a days the world is going through  the very dangerous and critical stage. Covid 19 is the cause for that. In our building maintenance service sector also covid 19 is playing a main role. At this time the company is taking care of the staff in building maintenance  as well as the people that…Read More→

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Proper Insulation

Buildings lose cooling  through various ways. An estimated 25% of cooling  can be lost through the roof. If there is gaps and there is no proper  insulation on the roof and it  will increase the loosing of cool from the room or from the building. If there are gaps in your insulation or it is…Read More→

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Building Maintenance Services

Ibn Alharthy Trading is the one of the best and dedicates building maintenance company in oman. Building  maintenance services mainly includes the complete maintenance and repairing the existing building in  proper condition.

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